The Truth Is You Never Loved Me

Jan Phoenix / Unsplash

You said that even after you’ve left me, you’ve kept looking for me through her eyes. How you made love to her body. Yet you kept digging traces of my curves on her skin. You confessed that I was a better ‘option’. For after all this time you realized that no woman could love you like I did. How my memory kept haunting you. And now you claim to miss me. Since I tasted better across your skin. How I made your heart flutter. I would always rush in with all the love I could give you.

But you decided to take me for granted. 

So when you asked for my heart again; I refused to do so. I am not another body to give you warmth on your loneliest nights. Like how I used to shrink my world. Just so I can fit into your life. I am also not the answer to your emptiness. I am not made to be pulled apart for you. For I am not an afterthought. The next option when things go wrong.

But believe me. You do not love me.

Love is not taking someone for granted. Love is not comparing me to your exes. Love is not the selfishness that you placed on my shoulders when you failed to value me as a person. 

You treated our relationship like a test-drive. You wanted everything I could offer but you did not care to stay. So stop this illusion of love that you are trying to portray. Because if you really did, you would have valued me from the beginning and stayed. So please forgive me. But I am never going back to you.

And for the next woman you plan to love, I hope the love you give her this time will be true. TC mark

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