There’s Beauty In What’s Temporary

Jessica Polar

Usually, when someone says something won’t last forever, it’s associated with something negative. But there is beauty in what is temporary.

Headaches and stressful nights do not last forever. Traffic does not last forever. Itchy mosquito bites don’t last too. And fortunately, the hurt goes the same way. The heartbreak you feel now whether they left you, you left them or when they never wanted you in the first place.

This state of brokenness isn’t eternal. The scars they left you can fade.

Like the moment he left me when my body was useless for him. The tears you cried will not always be of sorrow. This will not last forever.

The ache, the pain, and the anger are just a season. Something fleeting. Your heart will sing a new song. And it will no longer ache like this.

So stand up, catch your breath. You need to continue living. You will smile again. I promise you. I promise you will love again. You will dance again to a new song. So please enjoy this tragically beautiful thing we call life. And your heart will beat to another song as you dance to the music. You will fall in love with moments that are beautiful. Your migraine will go away. And you’ll definitely love a lot better.

There is such beauty in things that are not eternal. The constant gift of eternal change is maddeningly breathtaking. Just watch the beauty of life evolve right in front of you and enjoy every single moment of it. I promise you. You will definitely smile again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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