What Happened When The Rain Came

Joy Stamp
Joy Stamp

When the rain came.
Maybe you first felt it when it fell from the sky in sudden appearance during a bright and sunny day.
The sun shower came without warning to your bared arms.
It splashed against your skin as a gentle touch. Smaller drops bounced, but maybe it stuck, sending chills through you upon the rising waves of goose bumps.
And before you knew the air was filled with the hiss of millions of raindrops, pelting the world around you.

There was no malicious intent.
It fell simply because it was time.

You maybe blinked furiously as it began to stick to you.
It seemed to get inside and pull your breath from your lungs.
And with the air it pulled a laugh.
Reactive and unplanned, it escaped your lips.
Maybe you danced, spreading your arms wide and spinning in the giddiness of the fresh air and the smell of the earth soaking with the downpour.

It soaked you through and through as well.
It seemed to clean you better than any sea, or lake, or pool, or bath or shower ever could.
It cleansed you.
It seeped within and washed away all the dirt that clung to your soul.
It made you a blank slate.

It filled the scars.
Like little trenches and rivets in your skin, in your head, in your heart. They took on the water and you seemed whole again.
It reminded you of the moments each possessed. Of the faces behind.
These scars, they make you who you are. Marks of what has occurred.
Flaunt them, they are your triumphs, your victories.
You felt. You were present. It was all you.
From the high of ecstasy down the lows of hurt.
They were needed for you to be where you were now.
Don’t scorn them.
Let them remind you that you were weak, and you became strong. You were once fallen, but had risen once more.

The rain let you laugh, its sound echoing with you.
It let you cry, the drops masking and carrying away your tears.

It let you feel with every drop, sending shocks through you as it gently reminded it was falling.

And when the sun came.
The rain faded.
As the rays dried you, you felt the weight lift from you, both the drenched clothes and something deeper. A weight you never knew you possessed. That you believed had long since been dropped from your back.
But now it truly floated like gossamer, taken by the clouds into the sky.
Your smile came naturally and unknowingly.

And the rain promised to come again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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