An Open Letter To My Daughter: I’ll Love You Whether You’re Fat Or Thin

Hello my child,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Good health. The pink-cheeked, sound-mental-state, normal-blood-pressure kind of health.

I live in a Fat world. My cheeks are puffy. Denims don’t fit. Every person around me is thin. There are benchmarks in my head, pretty people with pretty clothes and even prettier lives. Even my jokes are about myself. This, my love, is the picture of a single day in the life of a chubby girl.

What you need to know is that this is not normal. It’s not okay to hate your body and abuse it with a tirade of expletives while you’re combing your hair in the mirror. It’s not okay to feel inadequate, to live a life of comparison.

Fashion glorifies the slim. Mannequins parade clothes I can never wear. Relatives and friends are very concerned, constantly offering you the benefits of green tea and oats. Free advice really should not be a thing. Social media is not fat-friendly. Look at all the fat jokes people share. The movies have skinny heroines, who find love at the drop of a hat, directly associating the human figure and the prospect of a happy life. The weight of a warm, human soul is lost.

Why is the world this way? Why have greetings evolved into “You’ve put on so much weight!”? Will this change? Ironically, the word “fat” is thrown around lightly.

I want you to know that I love you, and all of you. Not just the thin parts, not just the collarbone that shows itself off. I love you, whether you’re fat or thin. I love you, and I want you to love yourself. Eat well, eat healthy. Yet, don’t hate yourself for a few pounds. They can go away, should you choose to let them.

You’re a beautiful, loving girl. You’re kind, you’re ambitious and you’re exceptional. Your figure didn’t get you there, you found your way there yourself. I hope you know this, and if you ever doubt that, read my letter. I love that girl in the mirror.

I need to sign off now, but not before I leave you with a nice, sloppy, fat-free kiss. Stay beautiful.

Mom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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