10 Things I Have Found To Be True Over And Over Again

10. Life is too short for Top 40s pop music, boring books, weak coffee, and fickle friends.

Learn what things are important to you, and prioritize accordingly.

9. You’ll be a much happier person if you learn to appreciate what you have.

It seems cliché, but yearning for something you may never get will lead you to miss the great things all around you. Value your experiences without dwelling on the past, and be grateful for the good things (even when bad stuff pops up along the way).

8. Exercise should not be about numbers.

If you work out because it is good for your mind and your body, you will enjoy yourself a lot more than if you obsess over those last five pounds, or painstakingly calculate every calorie you burn.

7. Your beauty and self-worth are not contingent upon anything else.

Remind yourself that you are desirable and deserving, 100 percent of the time. This fact does not depend on whether you have a significant other, the corner office, the fastest mile time, or if your pant size falls in the ‘skinny’ range. The sooner you learn to love yourself independently of others, the happier you will be.

6. You don’t owe anyone anything.

You must be honest, you must be respectful, and you should be kind, but that’s it. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Work hard for what you want because nothing will be handed to you. We don’t live in a meritocracy–sometimes you’ll get what you deserve, and sometimes you’ll be passed over. Keep working hard anyway.

5. You’ll feel a lot better if you do things you would be proud to tell your mother…

…Or your father, or the best friend who has known you since you had braces and a Michael Jackson obsession. When life gets crazy, it’s easy to get caught up in all the new and exciting things around you, but don’t forget where you came from.

4. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life the same way forever.

This lesson can be one of the saddest experiences, but it is also important for growth–if we are constantly surrounded by the same people, who would provide us with new ideas and challenges?

3. Part of growing up is learning to be assertive without being an asshole.

This means learning to stand up for yourself without tearing other people down, and doing what you believe is right. It is almost impossible to change the opinions of others, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit silently. Speak your mind, just don’t tear anyone down while you’re doing it.

2. Life rarely works out the way you thought it would.

It is impossible to know exactly how things will turn out. Plans change at a moment’s notice and people will constantly surprise you. The sooner you can take a deep breath and roll with it, the better off you’ll be.

1. Life is a continuous evolution.

You’ll succeed, you’ll fail, you’ll say the wrong thing, you’ll fall in love, you’ll get your heartbroken, and you’ll shift your priorities. You’ll change your mind and your zip code. All of this is okay. Allow yourself to be changed by your experiences and by the people that you meet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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