If You Only Knew How Beautiful You Already Are

Fabian Albert / Unsplash

And then one day, you’ll look in the mirror and you’ll finally like what you see. You’ll finally see what the rest of the world sees. Your eyes won’t automatically focus on your waist or on your hips. The lines on your stomach will just be lines and creases, nothing more nothing less. You won’t be hyper-aware of the way your jeans hug your thighs, or the way your shirt is a little tighter than it once was. And you won’t judge your curves or your edges. You won’t turn from side to side, critiquing your profile, or sucking your stomach in as far as it will go. You’ll have a blemish on your chin, but you won’t freak out. You won’t let it dictate your day. Your hair may be a little flatter than yesterday, and you’ll see it, and you’ll realize that it’s just hair.

You’ll look at your whole body. Your creamy skin, your round cheeks, your softness and your hardness. And for the first time in a long time, you’ll look without judgment. You’ll simply look. You’ll look with fresh, innocent eyes. You’ll notice that some parts of your body have softened out. You’ll notice that other parts are firmer. You’ll notice, without offering commentary You’ll notice, without searching for flaws. And In this moment of gentleness, you’ll acknowledge that you’ve looked stronger before, and that you’ve looked more defined before. Yet, you’ll know that deep down, you’re actually stronger now than you’ve ever been. You’re stronger on the inside. Your heart is stronger. Your mind is fiercer. You’re more accepting. You’re more forgiving. You’re opening your arms to that body in the mirror.

And after all of these hard years spent criticizing your body, all of these years spent putting yourself down, in this very moment, you realize that you are finally ready to befriend your body. You’ll look in the mirror and see someone beautiful looking back at you. And she’s not beautiful because of her body. She’s beautiful because she is glowing with life. She’s gorgeous because she has found who she’s supposed to be.

And you’ll see the way her eyes scrunch up when she smiles, and you’ll see the gentleness in her shoulders, the calmness in her lips. You’ll see her soft, rounded lines and you’ll feel nothing but love. You’ll see the freckles on her arm and think of sparkling constellations. Everything about her is breathtaking.

And you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Because you’ll finally realize that this is how you are supposed to be. This is the girl you were meant to be all along. After all of the hours spent criticizing and critiquing yourself, after all of the times you cried over the size of your pants or the weight on your hips, you’ll look in the mirror and see that you never needed to be upset. Because the girl in that mirror? She’s pretty. She’s alive. She’s simply lovely.

And finally, after all of this time, you’ll look in the mirror and all you will be able to see is happiness. And that’s when you’ll know that this smiling, joyful, imperfect girl is actually the spitting image of perfection.

You my dear, are perfect. TC mark

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