The Summer When You Taught Me The Beauty Of Possibility

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That day, that summer…the possibilities were endless. The dreams, the hopes, the untold stories all lingered delicately in the dawn sky, just waiting to unfold. That was the summer of you and me. That was the summer of maybes, the summer of what ifs.

That was the summer of possibilities.

At the time, I didn’t know if we were a summer fling or a true love story. I didn’t know if you were a chapter in my book or if you would be the end game, the full novel. But for once, I didn’t jump to conclusions. I didn’t end our story prematurely out of fear, like I had always done in the past. I didn’t rush us, and I didn’t slow us down. I didn’t put my guard up when I felt you getting close to me. Because for the very first time, I wanted to take a chance. I wanted to take a chance on you, on us, on what could be. I wanted to breathe in every single unimaginable emotion. I wanted to dwell in the possibility of something remarkable happening. I wanted to believe that this could be a new beginning rather than an ending.

That was the summer that I learned that I could be a part of something bigger than I’d ever imagined. It was the summer that I held your hand tightly, knowing that we were made to be something new and beautiful. We were something special, something unlike anything else. That was the summer that you taught me that there were no limits to who I could be or to who we could be. Together. That was the summer that you taught me how to live with eager, passionate curiosity. That was the summer that you taught me that the possibilities of love were endless.

And even though you ended up being just a chapter in my story, the significance of our shared chapter shaped my entire life. You showed me how to be open my heart up to the possibility of love, be it fleeting or forever. You taught me how to open my eyes to what I could have, rather than running away, afraid of what I couldn’t have. You taught me that true love doesn’t have to last forever, but just the possibility of it lasting is worth every single heartache. And most of all, you taught me to be less afraid of my own capacity for life and my own capacity for love. You taught me to be less afraid of myself.

And it’s you I owe my gratitude to. It’s you I want to thank for opening up my heart and mind to the magic of what could be, the magic of what was possible. We wouldn’t have had our infinity if you hadn’t taught me to make space for hope. I am forever grateful that I met you, and forever grateful that our story took place. I am forever grateful for the words we shared with one another, and for the moments we believed that anything and everything was possible.

And even though you’re no longer a character in my present, you’ll always be an irreplaceable piece of my story. You see, you taught me how to fall in love, without being so afraid to fall, and you taught me how to love without being so afraid of falling out of love. But most of all, you taught me to believe in what was possible. You taught me the subtle beauty of possibility. TC mark

Colleen George

A small girl with a million thoughts.

The only thing separating where you are from where you want to be is the quality of your thinking.

Your greatest limit is your mind. You are the single most powerful thing standing in your way, and you don’t even realize it most of the time.

What do you think is the most likely outcome of your future life? That’s the unconscious outline of your future. You arrive where you’re headed, not because nothing else is possible, but because you commit yourself to a path with your thoughts. Be willing to see impossible change. Consider things you never have before. Blow the lid off your life.

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