One Day You’ll Be Okay Again

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Annie Persson

And one day it’ll happen. You’ll wake up in your cozy flannel pants and you’ll drink your steaming coffee and you’ll realize that you’re okay after all. You’ll look out the window as the sun rises and you’ll finally feel what happiness feels like. You’ll know that even though things aren’t perfect, you can still be happy.

You’ll feel the sunlight shining through the windows, warming your skin and your mind, and for that one moment, you’ll know that you are exactly where you should be in life. You’ll feel a new sense of peace surrounding you and within you as you sip your coffee. You’ll find a renewed sense of hope that seems like it has been gone for far too long.

You won’t be stuck in the past, and you won’t be anxious about the future. You won’t be reliving the could have beens or worrying about the should haves. You’ll be open to whatever is coming your way. You’ll be ready to embrace change and growth. You’ll feel what it feels like to have a content heart and a calm mind.

And in that moment you will acknowledge that you have suffered great loss, but you will finally see that your heart is now golden because of that loss. You won’t feel as though love is crushing you anymore. You’ll feel as though the love you have lost has given you an even greater capacity for love.

One day you’ll sing along to the radio on your way to work, not caring how you sound or what the people in the surrounding cars think of you. You won’t care so much what anyone thinks of you really, because you will finally know who you are. And when you say good morning to your coworkers you’ll actually mean it. You’ll smile at them, a real, genuine smile that takes up your whole face, just because you are feeling joyful.

While lost in thought, you will realize how proud you are of who you have become. You will see that you have overcome great mountains with passion and fire, and you will be thankful for all of the times you fought back when life tried to knock you down.

You will be proud of your own grace and your own resilience, and you will remember all of the beautiful people that have supported you in becoming who you are today.

And in that moment, you will call your best friend and tell her how thankful you are for her. You’ll thank her for standing by your side, and for never giving up on you. You’ll call your mom and your dad and tell them how much you appreciate all of the support they have given you. You’ll thank them for always telling you that you would be okay, even when you didn’t think you would be and for always loving you, even when you forgot what love was supposed to feel like.

And that evening, you’ll dance around in your living room with wine and hot chocolate and whatever else you please and you’ll finally feel light again. You’ll realize how good it feels to be in your body; how good it feels to be at peace with yourself. You’ll feel free and light, and untouchable in such a beautiful and soft way.

And when you go to sleep that night, you will be tired. But you won’t feel exhausted or drained. You won’t feel stressed or run down. You will simply be ready for a good night’s rest. You’ll sink your head into your pillows knowing that after all this time, all is well within your soul. And you’ll fall asleep faster than usual, because you will have a feeling that that tomorrow will be just as good as today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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