Just So You Know, Her Beauty Does Not Take Away Your Own

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This year, I truly hope that you stop comparing yourself to anyone else. I hope you learn that flowers and crystals can both be beautiful, yet in entirely different ways. I hope you embrace how breathtaking both sunsets and thunderstorms can be, despite how remarkably different they are.

This year, I hope you begin to understand that we are not against each other. We were not made to compare or to be compared. We were not created to be like anyone else but ourselves.

Her strengths are not your weaknesses. Her accomplishments are not your defeats. Her successes are not your failures.

Your strengths are your strengths, her strengths are hers.

Her beauty does not take away from your beauty.

Her gorgeous straight hair does not make your own wavy hair any less beautiful.

Her confidence does not rob you of your own self worth or your own ability to influence this world.

The size of her body does not make the size of your body inadequate or inferior, and the color of her skin does not make the color of your skin any more or less worthy.

We were all created with intention. We were all placed in this world with our own role and our own identity.We were created to be equals, not opponents. We were created to lift each other up, not tear each other down.

We are all different people, with different minds and different hearts. We all want to make the most of what we’ve been given, so why not root for each other? You are free to admire her beauty, so long as you admire your own beauty as well.

You do not share the same mind or body with anyone else. You don’t have the same thoughts, careers, friends, strengths or dreams as anyone else, so why do you try so hard to be like someone else?

Why do you wish you were her instead of you?

I hope that you learn that comparing yourself to her doesn’t make your life better. Comparing yourself to her won’t change the color of your eyes or the shape of your body. Comparing yourself to her won’t make you any more or less beautiful, any more “enough” than you already are.

And the sooner you learn this, the sooner you will realize your own power.

Do you want to know the real secret?

She is gorgeous and successful. You too are gorgeous and successful, just not like her.

She is the moon, you are the sun. She is the sky, you are the stars. And who could truly compare the remarkable beauty of the sky to the majestic beauty or the stars?

You aren’t beautiful or successful like her.

You are beautiful and successful like you.

And that is your power. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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