In 2018, Be The One Who Cares

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In the new year, be the one who cares too much.

Be the one who wears her heart on her sleeve because she still believes. Be the the one who isn’t so afraid to be hurt because she’s been hurt before and has always come out even more beautiful on the other side.

In the new year, be the one who is vulnerable. Be the one who stays open even after her heart has been crushed time and time again. Be the one who believes in love, even if her story doesn’t always give her reason to believe.

Be the one who is honest, and fearless, even when the world seems hard at the edges.

In the new year, be the one who craves closeness and intimacy. Be the one who isn’t afraid to love or get close to people, even though she has lost some of the people she has loved the most.

In the new year, be the one who isn’t afraid to text first, the one who is giddy with excitement just to say good morning. Be the one who surprises him with a first kiss, without second guessing herself or wondering if she’s making the right decision. Be the one who reaches out and makes a move, because she knows, deep down, that she has nothing to lose.

Be the one who isn’t afraid of rejection, because she knows that rejection is just a way life guides her in a new direction.

In the new year, be the playful one. Be the the pure, sparkling, magical girl who emanates joy and excitement to all those around her.

Be the sensitive one; the caring, nurturing one who cherishes deep conversations and long meaningful phone calls about both nothing and everything. Be the one who asks questions, the one who digs deep beneath the surface hoping to learn the hidden secrets of the universe.

In the new year, be the one who persists, even when life and love have given her a million and one reasons to give up. Be the one who keeps trying. Be the remarkably resilient girl who knows that life always has a special way of getting better.

In the new year, be the one who seeks goodness in every single situation; the one who believes that most clouds really do have silver linings.

And above all, in the new year, be the one who knows her own worth…the one who knows that life’s circumstances do not affect her value. Be the one who knows that she is special and irreplaceable and that there is no one else like her on this miraculous green and blue planet.

In the new year, be the one who knows that her heart is made up of the purest of gold. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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