If You Have A Dream, Chase It

张 学欢

Do you have a dream? Good.
Now whisper it.
Repeat it softly. Let it roll lightly off your tongue, then catch it in your palms.
Cradle it delicately.
Keep it warm.

Now throw your dream.
Throw it high into the sky.
Throw it with the courage of the heavens.
and with the strength of your heartbeat.

Let the breeze sweep your dream up and up.
Let it fill the air around you, reaching higher and higher.
Let it rush and whirl in the wind.
Let it gently glimmer in the sunshine.
Let it sparkle in the glistening rain drops.

You have given life to your dream.
You have allowed your dream to tiptoe gracefully into the world.
You have loved and nurtured your dream.
You have made your dream real.

And now you are scared.
You are scared that your dream will not survive.
You are afraid that you will never reach your dream.
You are scared that it will slip through your fingers.
You are afraid that your dream is too delicate to fly.

Don’t be afraid.
Your dream is all around you.
Your dream is in the air you breathe and in the energy that flows through you.
Your dream is dancing in stardust and moonshine.
Your dream is lingering in damp grass and fluffy clouds.

You can have this dream.
It is floating above you, below you, and within you.
All you have to do is keep it alive.
All you have to do is believe in it.
All you have to do is believe in yourself.

Stay strong and steady.
This dream is yours.
It’s yours to chase and yours to reach.
It’s yours to follow and yours to find.
It’s yours to strengthen and build.
It’s yours to keep safe.
It’s yours to care for.

Let your dream live.
Let your dream thrive.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Cradle your dream.
Whisper it softly.
Keep it warm.
This dream is yours.
Let it fly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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