This Is How You Will Learn To Love Yourself

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

You are going to learn to love yourself first by forgiving yourself. You are going to forgive yourself for everything you are still holding yourself hostage to. No matter how big or small, you are going to let it go. You are going to take the weight of regret off of your shoulders and throw it into the wind.

Mistakes are only human. They are not made to trap you forever – they are not meant to lead you into constant self-defeat or self-loathing. Forgive yourself. By holding on so tightly, you are only burdening your heart. You are only hurting your soul. Let it all go. I promise, we all make mistakes. It’s time for you to forgive yourself and see how much lighter and more loveable you feel, because you truly are loveable.

You are going to learn to love yourself by dropping your worries of what others think.
You are going to stop worrying about how others feel about you, and instead focus your attention on how you feel about yourself. You are not a reflection of how other people interpret you. You are a glowing, shining, miraculous mirror of your very own soul and your shining, glimmering eyes. What others think of you says everything about them, and nothing about you.

Your value is inherent within you. Others cannot bring you down or hurt you without your permission. They do not have the capacity to devalue your wonder and beauty. So don’t look at yourself through the eyes of another – look at yourself through your heart. Look at yourself with love and pureness.

You are going to learn to love yourself through respecting where you are in life. Even if you see room for growth and have hopes for positive changes, learn to love the current season of your life.

You exist in the now – don’t hold off loving yourself for the future simply because you are judging where you are now. Don’t waste the present waiting for perfection. Regardless of your future intentions, you are already spectacular in this moment. Tell yourself this again and again, and turn your quest for change into a quest for curiosity – a quest to learn more about who you are today.

You are going to learn to love yourself when you learn to interpret your flaws as your greatest strengths. As you learn to accept your flaws with an open mind, rather than judging or hating your said flaws, you may start to see that each little (self-perceived) “flaw” actually has a silver lining; a flip side. Take the time to think about these qualities from a totally unbiased perspective.

Maybe you think you are too quiet. Well have you ever considered that maybe you are more introspective and when you do speak up people truly value your thoughts and contributions even more? Maybe you believe you are too loud. But hey – we need people to speak up. We need big voices and powerful trendsetters. Both softness and loudness are strengths that you attempted to hide. It’s time for you to let them out. You will truly learn to love yourself if you work to identify the strength hiding behind each of your flaws.

You are going to learn to love yourself by giving yourself the credit you deserve for making it this far in life. How many times a day or even year do you actually take the time to thank yourself for your unwavering strength? How many times do you praise yourself for trying and trying, no matter how large the waves are that come rolling in? Loving yourself will come when you give in to the undeniable truth that you are ridiculously strong and insanely fierce. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are a soul to be cared for and loved. You are a warrior.

You are going to learn to love yourself when you practice self-acceptance, both of your body and your mind. Self-love starts with neutrality and acceptance. It starts with learning that even if you do not love yourself yet, you are still, with no exceptions, loveable. There is nothing about you that makes you unlovable. Thus, to learn to love yourself, you will learn to neutrally approach yourself from a new perspective of acceptance. An approach that leaves judgment behind and welcomes love with a warm and open heart.

You are going to learn to love yourself by accepting that you are beautiful like you. You are not beautiful like anyone else, and this is more than okay.
You are going to learn to stop diminishing your own beauty through comparing it to other beauty. Beauty is inherently different, and while she may be beautiful, you can also be beautiful.

There is no winning race in beauty, as beauty exists in an infinite number of forms. You see, you will learn to see the beauty in others without feeling as though your own beauty is inferior. And this will be a powerful step in your journey towards self-love.

And finally, you are going to learn to love yourself by opening your mind to the notion that you are so worth loving. You will learn to drop the idea that you are worthless, or that you are not valuable enough to love. You are never, and will never ever be, worthless. There may be times in which you may feel worthless, but these feelings are temporary, and they do not speak the truth.

You can never be worthless because simply by being the sparkling and eccentric human being that you are, your worth is inherent to you. You don’t have to earn worth or buy worth. You don’t have to work or seek great accomplishments in order to be valuable and loveable. You don’t have to exceed any standards, whether they are societal or your own guidelines, to be worthy.

You see, you will learn how to love yourself when you finally understand that by simply being a uniquely miraculous part of this world, you are worth it. You are worth loving.

You are so worth loving.

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