Even If You Dislike Her, Vote For Hillary Clinton

Flickr / United States Mission Gene
Flickr / United States Mission Gene

As Americans, we have the moral obligation to not vote for Donald trump. We have the moral obligation to not support his racism, sexism, and discriminatory views. But even more importantly, as people, we also have the moral obligation to not support Donald Trump.

As members of humanity, we have to stand with each other in support of love, not in support of hate. It’s not enough to look past Trump’s negative comments, his immaturity, and say that we agree with his political views. It’s not enough to say we disagree with him, but still vote for him. We simply cannot support a man who wants to divide us all, to put us into little categories and sort through us on the grounds of superiority or inferiority. We cannot surrender to support someone who belittles others and works to desensitize us all. We simply cannot. Even if you hate Hillary Clinton, I still urge you to vote for her because she values people, and she has morals.

America is built on difference and diversity, built on love and acceptance. We are a country that welcomes new opinions and beliefs, that stands for justice and, I’d like to think, that stands for kindness. As soon as we put our loyalty and support into a man who stands for hatred, we will no longer be the country we are today. We will no longer be a country that others respect, and nor should we be. We cannot afford to put so much power in the hands of someone who stands for all of the things we should be opposing.

Where is his compassion? Where is his dignity?

We cannot be led by someone who puts down others without a care a world. We cannot lookup to someone who openly shames others due to their religious beliefs or gender. We cannot give any more praise to a man who sexually assaults women, and then who brushes his actions under the rug.

I understand if you don’t like Hillary. I understand if you don’t agree with any of her views or policy proposals. I get that. But I also know that the answer to this problem is not to vote for Trump. Trump is not a Republican. He is not a conservative. He does not stand for American beliefs, or put a good face to any party. While he may be running as the conservative nominee, by no means does he preach conservative views.

He does not represent conservative values when he consistently tries to bring down others to lift himself up. He does not represent conservative values with his brash ways or harsh language.

Conservative views are purposeful and share a respect for human dignity, and a desire to make America better. His opinions are unstable, negative, and distasteful. Voting for Trump casts a terrible shadow over politics and over our country. It instills hatred into our people.

So what’s the answer? The answer is to cast your vote for Hillary, with the understanding that you may dislike her, you may disagree with her, but you know that she is at least upholding the moral obligations that America stands for. Continue to fight for what you believe in during her presidency. Realize that with Hillary as president, your fight may actually be heard. Your voice may actually sound out.

No matter how important you think it is that America needs a change, the change associated with Donald Trump is not the morally acceptable change. It’s not the change that will make us come together as a country. The change associated with electing Donald Trump will only be a change that is isolating and hateful, that will bring us lower. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This isn’t the time to support your party simply because it is your party. This isn’t the time to stay loyal out of force of habit. This is the time to challenge your beliefs and vote on the basis of humanity, and on the basis of lifting each other higher. Don’t let your dislike of Hillary overpower your senses in the critical ethical decision that faces you. Don’t let your commitment to your party blind you from what is morally right. The moral and ethical choice is to vote for Hillary.

This election is no longer about politics. It’s about morality. It’s about your ethical responsibility to vote for a president who values compassion and diversity, and stands for lifting the US up. It’s about making America kind again.

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