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On Taking Photos And Capturing Light

A documentary series shared that photos are simply light captured in a moment to bring the past forward to meet us. Soon we’ll have full 3D snapshots available to us to remind us and evoke feelings and information within us that we weren’t yet available to embody and integrate in that past moment.

I found this calming.

Because we can never go back and change the past, yet the past can be brought forward to meet the newly evolved BEings we are BEcoming.

In photos, we often can see light beaming through the air into us where we almost become transparent. This represents so much yet so little at the same time.

The duality of light moving so quickly, but the density of our mind and body moving more slowly.

The beauty of seeing something in another they don’t yet see in themselves.

The trust in the miraculous cosmic universe that everything always ends up better than we expect.

The love and telepathic communication that can exist when two souls cannot communicate in the physical.

The faith of trusting love will always recalibrate and realign.

The strength it takes to pick yourself up off the ground when no one’s watching and no one’s around.

The resilience to believe in yourself, your story, your heart, your truth, and your unique calling for being here on the planet.

To know you cannot replace another human or experience the same moment twice.

To have your heart broken into a trillion shattered pieces to know in the brokenness—light beams through the air to fill your cracks.

To be so wildly insane you completely lose sense of time, space, and logic and instead you fall in love with the process of being a beautiful being that’s simply renting a body to create a human experience that is sometimes messy, challenging, and hard.

Yet in the end, you always come to the same conclusion. That you are the hero of your own romantic fairytale.

You hold the key to liberate yourself from mental poverty.

You are the beautiful soul that allowed the light into the brokenness.

You let your resilience overshadow your darkness.

You had the light in you the whole time for you to fly.

So go out there and love courageously.

Take photos. And capture light.

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