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It’s Safe Fall In Love

It’s safe to let go of the relationship.

It’s safe to feel good.

It’s safe to let go of the ups and downs.

It’s safe to say, “You know what? I’m choosing myself over this crazy relationship.”

It’s safe to choose a peaceful nervous system instead of an overactive nervous system.

It’s safe to generate your own income instead of relying on your partner.

It’s safe to be yourself.

It’s safe to allow someone to provide kindness, unforgettable experiences, and safety for you.

It’s safe to hold a boundary, no longer repeating emotional loops and drama with a partner.

It’s safe to know love is meant to be ENJOYABLE.

It’s safe to express your feelings to allow your vulnerability to deepen your relationship instead of tearing it apart.

It’s safe to ask questions about where your relationship stands.

It’s safe to self-reflect and look for deeper meaning in every interaction, as your relationship represents a mirror reflection of you.

It’s safe to know we are mirror reflections of each other in relationships, always offering opportunities for healing and deeper bliss to occur.

It’s safe to devote yourself to someone knowing it may not be forever, yet trusting it will forever enhance your life experience.

It’s safe to walk away when you no longer feel seen or heard without explanation or debate.

It’s safe to share sexual boundaries and allow your partner to prove they will respect the boundary or time required for you to feel safe.

It’s safe to share the demands you will not cater to.

It’s always been safe for you to express what’s in your heart.

It’s always been safe to fall in love over and over again.

And it’s always been safe to allow falling in love to be the most beautiful adventure over a lifetime.

It’s just you choosing to show up in the process so the journey can reveal itself.

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