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Here’s How To Know If You’re Experiencing A Frequency Shift

We are entering the artificial intelligence (AI) stage of life, where every single click, follow, share, and search becomes part of our digital profile sold between all the technology companies. From this information on our digital profile, technology companies create a virtual world for us to engage and experience based upon our past interactions. In theory, every past interaction we virtually do ends up becoming our future reality. This occurs because our current reality simply reflects the frequency of our past actions, which has manifested into the now reality we are experiencing.

For example, the other day, I visited one of my favorite micro-cities in Los Angeles, Larchmont Village. I went to add two more dollars to my meter when my time was up. Then it felt like a man appeared out of thin air as I was about to put my card in the meter, and he said, “No, no, I already have my card out. I’m going to do my meter and yours.”

I responded with excitement, “Wow, thank you so much!”

“Does this happen to you often?” he asked.

“Well, I have a belief that no matter where I go, I always receive a green meter,” I explained.

“Ah, the good juju,” he said.

This was funny because I have a good friend named Juju. From him using this word, he was letting me know he was channeling her energy through him at the moment. This is how frequency works—I can connect with my various friends through random strangers on this life journey. I began to laugh internally. How did this seemingly random stranger pay for two more hours on my parking meter and say the word juju?

Well, it’s because I’m tapping into a frequency. I align to higher energy. But how do you begin to create your life as a constant frequency shift of miracles, magic, and a real-life love affair? It comes back to understanding the embodiment of frequency and energy. Frequency and energy are the essence of who you are.

I want you to think about your body like an automotive car. Your body is the vehicle where your Soul resides, and your Soul carries your frequency. Now, your automotive car travels you safely to various destinations, and unknowingly as you travel in your vehicle, it becomes a bit muddy, with dirt splattering onto the car without you ever knowing or seeing it happen. Well, if you drove the same car for 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years and never took the time to take care of it, your vehicle would break down. Your physical body, which is your vessel that carries your Soul, which holds your frequency, also requires you to create space to take care of your body.

Taking care of yourself means slowing down enough to bring into awareness all the unseen or unknown toxic attachments, heartbreaks, drama, trauma, and other issues that have molded into you. Otherwise, your physical body and frequency become heavy, dense, and outdated. Suppose you desire to go through rapid frequency and lifestyle shifts. In that case, it is required that you create space to clear subconscious pain stories going on in your mind, past traumatic experiences held in your body, and generational habits carried within your DNA from your lineage. This would result in you unknowingly walking around with a natural low frequency, attracting low-frequency experiences because your vehicle is malfunctioning, as you have not attended to taking care of your body in years. Deep down, you’re wondering why you have bad luck, when in reality, it’s understanding your Soul is asking you to go through a frequency shift so that you can move out of your current reality that seems to be piling up in debt, issues, failed relationships, and never-ending emotional chaos and into a state of pure bliss, pleasure, and excitement.

So, how do you begin to know if you are going through a frequency shift in your life? Well, almost every day, via social media or in-person, I have people come up to me and tell me, “You look familiar. It feels like I know you from somewhere.” I usually respond with, “No idea, do you practice energetics?” The typical response is, “No, but tell me more.” This is an example of a frequency shift, where naturally, people feel drawn to me. They feel like I am familiar to them. Yet in truth, I’ve never met them in physical reality.

This is a powerful place to be as a human. When people feel like they know you, it creates an instant connection for trust to be present and feelings of safety to arise. I’ve cultivated this in my life because I’m someone who functions highly beyond my physical body, as I take care of my physical body to allow myself to admit a high frequency. My thoughts are constantly thinking of my future and what conversations I want to have five, 10, and 20 years from now. I notice the types of people I love to be around and the types of people that drain my energy. Since I am in this constant state of self-awareness and reflecting real-time when something lowers or enhances my frequency, I begin to constantly shift my thoughts, environment, and state of being to expand into what I desire to create in every moment. This inherently is a frequency shift.

So, what are some tangible things you can do to start becoming self-reflective and regularly go through these frequency shifts? Here are a few:

  • Begin to notice how you feel when you are around people – then make habits to only be around people that make you feel alive.
  • Notice what environments excite you versus drain you.
  • Ask yourself, “What type of music do I listen to that inspires me to become creative and release anger and toxicity?”
  • Create a daily practice that guides you to check in on yourself. Are you living a life that is true to you or living a life trying to make everyone else happy?
  • Put an alarm on your phone every hour to check where you are at with your feelings – stressed, happy, anxious, sad — to begin tracking what you are feeling the majority of most days
  • Become mindful of who you listen to and follow on media channels, as that largely influences your nervous system and how your neurons fire in your brain.

I hope this serves.

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