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The Power Of Consciousness

The words consciousness, higher self, manifestation, future self, alignment, purpose, joy, freedom, laptop lifestyle, trauma specialist, sustainability, future generations, the “new” world, the universe, etc., are all terms that used to be looked at as “woo-woo” and have become mainstream.

It seems in a time of COVID-19, when diagnosed with cancer, or during any other shocking related health, people seem to become open to consciousness. People decide to wait until the last possible moment to begin to understand what this plane of existence can offer them. Luckily, a grace that is more giving than any of us ever deserves allows us to start co-creating a two-way relationship with it, instead of abusing the ever-flowing relationship that has given us life force energy from the beginning of time.

Consciousness in simplicity is becoming aware of our existence so we can move into being our truest essence. Consciousness is the cosmos, science, spirituality, religion—really anything that unifies the tangible with the intangible. Consciousness understands that there is biology with how everything in our bodies moves together as a divinely orchestrated plan. Consciousness understands that there is an intangible spirit inside us that allows our human experience to become enriched with miracles, magic, and the unexplainable. Consciousness offers evidence of miraculous stories, like when doctors say this person shouldn’t have lived, or this person should not have healed, or these athletes should not have been able to run a mile this quick, yet the human body did the impossible because the spirit was able to override all outcomes that scientifically should not have happened.

Now, by no means is the miracle story the case every single time. There are many times doctors diagnose someone and their outcome is what the doctors predicted. However, I have never seen a person in the practice of consciousness, the embodiment of consciousness, and the total commitment to consciousness experience an expected outcome. These people who practice Consciousness always beat the odds or move on from this world with no regrets. That is the essence of consciousness: to do what appears impossible to the human eye.

Consciousness makes you immune to ordinary and mediocre problems because you begin to perceive problems that arise in your life as opportunities rather than issues. You get excited about how you can start to play with time (as time is an illusion created by humans) and reality. You begin to understand a greater force is working with you, so none of your problems become life-or-death issues. These perceived problems become opportunities to impact more people, receive more money, and live a more magical life. Because you indeed are always only one step away from a completely different reality, Consciousness will bring you into that awareness that you have a choice to choose another reality in every moment. Consciousness offers you the opportunity to be one decision away from wellness. One decision away from a life you love. One decision away from pain. One decision away from your life becoming the modern-day fairytale you always have dreamed about.

Yet you must commit to becoming aware of who this world has molded you into and begin to remember the truth of who you are. Always ask yourself, If I was living my dreams right now, is this how I would be acting? If I had endless amounts of money and support, would this be my essence at this moment? Choose to self-correct yourself and align yourself to become this person with near consistency and predictability. Because in consciousness, you are just pure light. Yes, darkness is surrounding you in consciousness because without darkness, you could not illuminate your life.

Consciousness is a journey. It’s an adventure. Consciousness is a total lifestyle, not a transactional 9 a.m.-5 p.m. job. It is a practice of moment-to-moment choices to see the good, see the opportunities, and be what you so badly desire to have handed to you. Consciousness is what offers magical experiences into your life. You are consciousness and consciousness is you. You are me, and I am you because we are mirror reflections of each other. Consciousness is an opportunity in every moment to open yourself to a different reality. To know that your dreams, your innermost thoughts of what you desire, are real physical things that are meant to manifest into your reality. Consciousness is knowing that living your truth is only something you can do; no one can do it for you. Consciousness is the endless supply of air for you to breathe your dreams into the now. Consciousness has no ending and beginning. That is why miracles seem to appear out of nowhere, because you always choose the blessings, you decide what seems impossible will always become your reality, so it does, time and time again.

Consciousness is right here, right now, you choosing to read this, to remember you have the power to create the life you desire.

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