50 Thoughts Every Woman Has While On Instagram

1. I think I’ve been there.

2. Brunch on a Tuesday? This makes no sense.

3. Why do I follow her?

4. I get it. You went running today.

5. I don’t think she has a job.

6. I bet Kanye gives her a limit on how many pictures she can Instagram of North per week.

7. Is that a different beach?

8. That’s not even a creative hashtag.

9. Is everyone a nutritionist? How does that salary provide for the comfort of purchasing 20 Kind bars?

10. She doesn’t look like that in real life.

11. I’m not creative enough to adequately participate in “#TBT”

12. How does everyone have their own baby pictures on their phones?

13. Maybe they’re taking iPhone pictures of real life pictures.

14. That seems like a lot of effort.

15. Aspen? Wasn’t he in Cabo like last weekend?

16. They got a dog?

17. Unfollow.

18. What is he doing in Vegas?

19. Who is that?

20. She looks fat.

21. Private profile? Are you kidding.

22. …did I just request to follow her?

23. Unrequest. Unrequest.

24. X-Pro II is actually really flattering.

25. I wonder if Kylie feels awkward that Kendall is so much prettier than her.

26. You can tell Kendall isn’t even wearing makeup in this one.

27. That crabcake actually looks really good. Where is that restaurant?

28. Aruba? Are you serious?

29. #100happydays? I don’t get it.

30. I can’t tell if the blonde girl on Rich Kids of Instagram is pretty.

31. No, she’s like really pretty.

32. Guys shouldn’t even have Instagram.

33. More clothes I can’t afford…

34. Does he have a job?

35. How did that get 267 likes?

36. Okay seriously…does anybody else work during the day?

37. So you go out to dinner like…every night?

38. Kourtney is so down to earth.

39. Penelope is going to look really cute in that.

40. If Nat Geo doesn’t use any filters, why do they have Instagram?

41. Sh*t. Is there a way to turn off the volume on these videos?

42. Is that Chanel? Isn’t she in grad school?

43. #nofilter? #BS

44. That outfit isn’t even that cute.

45. STOP Instagramming quotes, Khloe.

46. What filter is that?

47. I could definitely get a dog if I wanted one.

48. Maybe I should move to LA.

49. That filter makes you look fat.

50. Like. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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