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Vegas "With My Girls"

It was only after we had already booked the trip when I started to get a vague feeling that, contrary to my personal worldview, maybe not everyone considers Las Vegas the Promised Land.

A Meditation On Gift-Giving

No, I’m worried that I will return home empty-handed or, worse, with hands full of all the wrong things. This apprehension stems from my fear of being a “bad” gift-giver, which I have been told is one of the most repugnant holiday offenses after fruitcake, Dominick the Donkey, unironic reindeer sweaters, ironic reindeer sweaters, and orange blinking lights.


But as the months went by, and 2010 came and went, I watched my friends abandon their Blackberrys one by one, lured into the iPhone miasma, practically delirious in their enthusiasm for “apps.” I remained skeptical, standing firm in my loyalty to Blackberry even though I knew my Tour was not the spry young chicken it once had been.