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17 Things You Learn While Living Alone

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Everyone you tell will either be jealous or ask you if you’re scared.


Your refrigerator will seem depressingly empty, even if you spend $80 on groceries.


Hanging pictures up alone is harder than it seems.


Carrying a 30-pound box from Ikea up the stairs solo is tough…


…but there is nothing more satisfying that building that damned $25 coffee table.


You’ll miss coming home and having a roommate to chat with.


You won’t miss their dirty dishes.


If you’ve had too much to drink one night, you don’t need to worry about waking your roommates up.


When you see a centipede crawl up from your sink, you’d better kill it before it kills you.


After a long day, it’s really nice to come home to silence.


Walking around in your underwear (or naked!) is pretty awesome.


It’s expensive. Skip the deluxe channels and steal your boyfriend’s HBO Go account.


You may begin to have full-blown conversations with yourself. It’s normal.


Getting home from work at 6PM and immediately taking your bra off is fabulous.


You can have sex anytime, anywhere in your apartment.


You’re going to find yourself with no plans on a Friday night, and you’re probably going to get lonely.


And then you’re going to embrace the quietness, the peacefulness, and the solitary moments with yourself. TC mark

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