Today I Dance: A Celebration Of Pride

Martin Grondin
Martin Grondin

I promised not to dance and
wore it like armour.
Protecting me, saving me
from expressing me
Or loving me completely.

I’m not really the parade-dancing type
My shame spitting went completely unnoticed
because only love danced there,
leaving my judgments naked and
feebly brandished in the masc for masc attitudes
that punish the tender, feminine soul.

It craved release,
craved freedom,
craved Pride.

Pride, as I grow my understanding,
gives every voice space, strength, and worth
Declaring none above others and
all as unique, bonded, and welcome.

As I chip away at
harmful promises and hasty judgments
I begin to recognize myself;
a me
Within the collective we.

Here lies the power of Pride;
Standing together as one we,
each occupying and guiding one another
To our own fullest me.

So, by the grace of the q-munity,
And the often ignored heroes of equity on whom it’s built,
I will dance. Today, I will dance and
remove my armour and,
together, we will breathe in Pride. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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