9 People On What They Realized After Suffering Rejection

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“i liked this girl, but i liked her even more as we grew closer everyday. then when i was about to court her she rejected me. not because she doesn’t feel the same way, but because she says i was the only guy she was ever close to, and she says she doesn’t wanna risk us being together that it might end up us not working out and that she’ll lose me. she then only wishes we should just keep intact only with our friendship. i was sad and hurt. i realized then that maybe it was the right thing to do, in keeping the friendship intact, at least we still get to be really close friends.”


“a day before our anniversary my boyfriend left me without any reason why. it wasn’t really very clear so i started to chase after him, but i know he’s not worth it (but i still did it anyway). then came to point that i wanted to kill myself from all of it: the pain, exhaustion, and wasted efforts. when i realized that my world was huge enough and knowing without a doubt i’m an incredibly beautiful and talented woman (too good for him perhaps), i accepted the facts, the pain, that no matter how hard you hold onto such things they actually still slip through your fingers. in the end, it’s only you, can help yourself.”


“every time i wasn’t given a chance to speak out for my ideas, opinions or suggestions. i mean it’s okay if they don’t hear me out, but i really just kinda always have to just let it go in the end. after then i realized i should just put the ideas into actions, channel it into other things or just keep them to myself.”


“seeing that i don’t fit in the family and relatives on my mothers side of the family. the feeling that you were always being compared to or with. after that, whatever. i don’t care if they don’t like me. i just didn’t mind it, that’s all.”


“i liked this guy for 2 months, told him what i’ve felt after 4 months, then he says to me after i confronted my feelings for him, “i don’t feel the same way for you”, “it’s so sudden” shit stuffs like that. after that, did not talk to him anymore until there was no communication between us. sad. i realized then that you shouldn’t hurry such things.”


“when my mom didn’t let me go on this field trip back in high school, she said because it was too far away. i was a senior that time, last year in high school already and my last year being with my classmates. i was the only one who didn’t go. how fucked my life was eh?”


“there’s this guy, i met him on Facebook through mutual friends. we became sort of a thing. we’re on the same town, never really gone out but we’re suppose to but after weeks of not hearing anything from him, suddenly came to know he was moving on the other end of the country. asked him why he never told me he was moving, said because he didn’t want me to get hurt. awesome.”


“was a guy in a long distance relationship kinda thing. went on for about months, actually felt in the end it was a one sided thing. ended up not talking to each other anymore, few weeks after, my friend asked him what happened to us, says he loved me but can’t pursue me because of the distance. yeah. that kinda thing. “


“we’ve been going out for 2 years, then she suddenly broke up with me. at first she said it was a family matter. after a while, talked to her mom (we were close) she said she didn’t have anything to do with family matters, said she didn’t have any problems with me. tried to win her back, she rejected me. WORST CASE SCENARIO: she has a new guy. after almost just 2 weeks of our break up. realizing all those investments, truly dawned on me on how much it hurts and that truly there is no such thing as the word FOREVER.”
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