What Love Is In Our Generation Today

We all have our different definitions regarding what love truly is or its real meaning but one thing we all can agree on is it is something beautiful and it is a feeling that binds people and it creates a bond among them which brings peace, happiness and any wonderful sentiment you can think of. Because that’s just love, it is a beautiful thing.

But when did love become so shallow?

Why is it measured with how many life-sized teddy bears your partner gives you or whether he surprised you with a bouquet of roses today? How come every “relationship goal” some people have these days consists of taking goofy pictures with the boyfriend/girlfriend, the obligatory surprises or giving of material things or having a date in the fanciest, most wonderful place? Shouldn’t love be more than just all of that?

When did love become boastful?

Is it necessary to show everything you do with your partner in every single social media account you have for everyone to know what romantic things you did today? There is nothing wrong with being proud but most things are better kept private. Every single gift you got from him or her, or every single date or fight you have doesn’t need to be a public knowledge.

When did love become only for the benefit of women?

We, ladies are so used of guys taking care of us all the time that we fail to realize they need us as much as we need them. Guys are obligated to surprise their partners with her favorite food or the necklace she’s been eyeing on in order to make her happy but ladies need to do their part as well. In fact, everyone should know that these grand surprises are not necessary to show how much you love him/her. The little things matter like making him coffee in the morning, asking him about his day, or watching his favorite movie with him even though you don’t like the movie at all.

When did love become so selfish?

When did we start loving other people just for our sake, so that we can be loved in return and avoid the problem of being alone and lonely? Shouldn’t we love because we want to make a person happy, because of the simple reason that we love them?

When did love become those things? I get the fact that love isn’t perfect but it’s not ugly either. It shouldn’t be composed of bad feelings or motives that turns into something awful and ends up hurting anyone. The beauty and feeling of love should be cherished because it may be the only thing that will keep us going in this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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