Yes, I Get It, You Don’t Like Fifty Shades Of Grey

Universal Pictures UK YouTube
Universal Pictures UK YouTube

“It’s just like porn.” We know.

“It’s all about sex and don’t tell me there’s a moral lesson in the story!” Okay.

“Seriously, what kind of girl likes a man treating her like that?!”

“The book sucks, to begin with.”

And the list of predicament and tirade of people regarding the movie goes on and on. And on.

Yes, we all know what it is all about and why it sucks, blah blah blah. How? Oh, I don’t know, maybe we read the book or watched the movie or maybe, JUST MAYBE, because of the countless articles and critics we see showing up in every social media with no different content from one another. It all just tells the same complaints, the same rants which doesn’t need to be said and emphasized any longer to bring some light and realization to all of us that Fifty Shades of Grey is “bad,” “basically a porno,” or “the spawn of the devil,” like some self-proclaimed critics say.

I’ve read the book and yes, it is poorly written, yes, it is a romantic written version of any porn video and yes, my opinion technically agrees with most of the critics in the internet but I learned to limit discussing every single opinion I have and try not to overreact explaining what I think with other people. Although most of the points in the articles I read were right, they just kept repeating the same message over and over again which is already getting irritating and also, forgets or ignores the fact that people or some readers have opinions of their own and doesn’t need to be convinced of changing it otherwise just because some random person is stating his or her detestation towards the erotic novel/movie.

Just because your way of thinking or perspective is different from another person who you THINK is wrong doesn’t mean your judgment is right.

The buzz about the movie is almost over, I hope, and we understand your dislike towards it. We get your point. We really do. And now that’s settled… Will you please shut up about it already? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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