15 Things You Think About While Sitting In Your Cubicle

I Could Be The One
I Could Be The One

1. How is it only Tuesday?

2. How many times can I check Facebook today?

3. I’m hungry…is 10 am too early for lunch?

4. I wish my coworker would shut up.

5. What if my boss sees me on Facebook?

6. My cubicle is so ugly. I should decorate it but I’m lazy.

7. Why is it only 2pm?

8. I wonder what Beyonce is doing.

9. How many BuzzFeed quizzes is too many to take in one day?

10. Pinterest is a liar…no one has time to make that super comfy easy to do couch pillow

11. How much is in my bank account? Can I afford this J crew shirt? Probably not but I’m gonna buy it anyways.

12. I’m so fucking tired.

13. 3rd cup of coffee it is.

14. I want to travel the world and ditch this place.

15. Well that’s a wrap, see you tomorrow cubicle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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