10 Ways To Have The Sweetest Senior Year Ever

1. Drink GOOD beer

For your first three years of college Natty Light is fine (except it’s really not and tastes horrible) but you’re a college senior now, there is no need to get “shwasted” except on rare occasions, and you can probably buy (legally) your own beer. So here’s an idea: a case of natty light is about $13 why not replace that with a six pack of bottles with labels you’ve never seen before, beer you can pour into a glass, bottles you can save and look back on with pride?

2. Smoke a few cigars

Take the time out of your day once a week, once a month, and smoke a cigar. Sit outside and talk to a friend, or smoke in peace. Watch while the sun sets or while it rises.

  • Too expensive you say? You’ll have enough money when you stop buying a case of Natty light every day of the weekend because people drink them like their own.
  • Stop driving everywhere! Get a bike, or walk to class, and if you really need to get somewhere ask someone to take you (unless you’re in a fraternity and they are a recruit – pledge – cause that’s hazing).
  • Email me; I’ll give you my recommendations.

3. Look at the stars

Lay outside on a starry night with a girl (or guy) you just met. There is nothing more beautiful, more mind blowing, more philosophically and intellectually challenging and stimulating than a starry night’s sky.

4. Go abroad

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to do it. I recommend Europe, wake up before the sunrise and walk to a café, sit outside and drink a cappuccino while slowly inhaling one cigarette that came from a pack with a dead baby pictured on it. Watch the sunrise, watch the people, and take in the world. It’s rewarding and it’s worth it.

5. Read one of the novels you were assigned

Maybe you’ve done this before; maybe you haven’t, but give it a try. Lay back in your bed, fluff your pillows, and crack open that Sartre novel. Make sure to not highlight anything when you’re reading Faulkner. Don’t take notes while reading Woolf. Just let it be. Who cares if the class has moved on, you’re a senior you know how to do the work without actually having to do the work, so enjoy this time.

6. Wake up early enough to drink a cup of coffee every day

If you have a class at 8, you should wake up at six. I would personally sit outside, drinking from a real mug (maybe this would be a good time to work on reading that novel).

7. Stop texting so much

In fact, make it a goal to check your Facebook less too. Put your phone across the room when you go to bed (studies show that when you’re exposed to mobile radiation it takes longer to sleep and when you do fall asleep you tend to sleep lighter.)

8. Engage with others

We have lost this skill thanks to things like Facebook and 160 character limits. Talk about politics, talk about that novel you read, talk about school issues, or clubs, or that girl you have a crush on, or that guy who was a really good dancer at that one party, talk about philosophy, talk about love, talk about hope, talk about truth, talk about faith, talk about the world. Conversation requires give and take so make sure you’re listening to the other person, keep eye contact, and if your phone vibrates leave it alone.

  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is a skill that many people admire and respect, a skill that many people envy.

9. Go to class

Your professor will respect you for this (after all, you’re a senior). Just go. Participate. Listen. Debate.

  • Unless there is a guest on campus that you really want to hear speak. If you’re passionate about it, then no one can blame you. Go, this might be your only chance to hear that person talk about that topic, don’t take it for granted.

10. Dress like you love yourself

This is different for everyone. It can be wearing a bowtie every day, or ironing your slacks, or combing your hair, or shining your shoes, or picking out a good pair of shorts with a belt instead of cargo shorts. Tuck your shirt in. Wear a sundress. Just get out of your pajamas or sweat pants and take a shower, trust me you’ll feel a lot better.

  • Actually love yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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