15 Things Guys Begin To Realize When They’re 28

1.) You are an adult, for real. You’re getting really good at faking your sense of maturity.

2.) When people tell you something isn’t cool anymore, you give that “totally” look and agree, but it’s actually news to you.

3.) You’re suddenly a dad/uncle/”uncle” and it’s like whoa, this is awesome/fucking bizarre.

4.) You’ve taken a 2nd look at your life at least 6 times.

5.) You have more in common with older people than you do with younger people.

6.) You either have a serious job or you’re starting over because you hated your last serious job… Either that or you’ve been pushed way back for one reason or another, it’s alright though, you’re still KINDA young.

7.) It’s not that going to the bar isn’t fun, it’s a good past time at this age… But it’s usually not fun enough to be broke for X amount of days. It’s not like they don’t have liquor stores.

8.) You realize you’ll never truly understand women, they’re all different so you no longer question anything they say or do. Fuck it, we’ll never understand.

9.) When someone younger than you tells you about how they “have it all figured out” or some stupid shit like that you just roll your eyes. Yeah, never heard that before dude.

10.) You actually have nice clothes/shoes. It’s all you have. You have a nice watch. You think about what you’re gunna wear instead of just throwing on whatever.

11.) You might not know what you’re going to do with you’re future, but you sure as hell know what you’re not going to do.

12.) When people give you advice, you already know what they’re going to say.

13.) You don’t care if you missed out on something “awesome” because you know it probably wasn’t that awesome. This is mostly due to the fact that you can’t remember the last time you did something that was awesome… Maybe it was and you’re just feeling it anymore.

14.) You say “It is what it is” on a daily basis.

15.) You’re identity is carved in stone, you don’t have to think about it anymore. You know who you are now and that’s one of the good things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Cody Graham from Reston Virginia

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