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Why Have We Stopped Asking The Big Questions?

Unfortunately, rather than attacking these big questions with our immense resources, we have settled on dealing with small, banal issues — issues that don’t force us to our face our mortality, our cosmic insignificance, and the sorts of depressing realizations that come with exploring the big questions.

How Self-Branding Is Killing Our Individuality

We’ve incorporated our “quirks” into our personal branding as best we can. Twitter bios read: “lover of English tea,” “surfer guy,” “leadership guru,” “waffle aficionado,” “fluent in sarcasm,” “future cat lady,” “obsessed with books,” “world traveler,” and on and on.

The Art Of People Watching

Everyone works together to create the daily chaos that fuels a city, not unlike the rapid industrialization that first bred the pioneering flâneurs in the mid-19th-century.

The Surprising Benefits Of Nostalgia

About a decade later, scientists still didn’t know better and went searching for a “nostalgia bone,” thinking they could identify a physical cause for the sentimental feelings of days past. During the two World Wars, “nostalgia” remained a common medical diagnosis among wayward soldiers who tried to abandon the front.

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