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The Grammar Sins Of Starbucks

Two years ago, Starbucks’ holiday slogan was “Let’s Merry.” As in “Let us merry” or “Permit us to merry.” It was an attempt at a pun, but it makes almost no sense.

The Things Only The Dying Know

When we are alive, unconcerned about death, it is almost impossible to get any sort of perspective on the true scope of our lives. It is as if we are running through a maze, and we will never find our way out until we can view it from above.

Can Genius Be Taught?

Stanford professor Sean F. Reardon found that since the 1960s, the difference in exam scores between rich and poor students has grown by 40%. As far as college completion rates, the difference between rich and poor students has grown by 50% over the last 30 years.

11 Childhood Books That You Should Re-Read

An ugly, lonely boy who supposedly has a curse over him as a result of his great-great-grandfather stealing the shoes of Clyde “Sweet Feet” Livingston, Stanley Yelnats is just one of many pathetic characters in Sachar’s novel.

Why Humans (And Only Humans) Kiss

Interestingly, couples in the happiest relationships reported that kissing was more important than sex, and lasting relationships can be better predicted by kissing frequency than by frequency of intercourse.

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