For Anyone Who Has Loved Someone Who Won’t Love Them Back

Emotional masochism is…

Falling for someone who tells you “I don’t want a relationship” but then kisses you on the forehead and pulls you closer to them as they fall asleep, idly rubbing your back.

Caring so deeply for someone who tells you “I don’t believe in love” that you want to change their mind, to show them how real it can be, how you would never hurt them.

Letting someone who tells you “I’ve had my heart broken too many times to ever let anyone get close again” have meaningless sex with you because you know it’s the closest you will ever get to them.

Allowing yourself to be jerked around by someone who says all these things but then drives two hours just to see you for half a day. Allowing yourself to delusionally believe that this means that they do care.

Complimenting someone endlessly because you know they have low self-esteem and they never ever compliment you back.

Knowing without a doubt that you are only filling the small gap in their hearts that yearns for affection and attention,





Because one day you hope they can see how you’ve always been there for them, how great you would be together, how you never gave up.

But the truth is: 

It’s never going to happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Michelle Fleming

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