To The Friends Who Are Actually Our Soulmates


We all have that one person we confide in, an individual we so dearly trust with our deepest darkest secrets, an individual whom we turn too and count on because we know we can, an individual that knows how vulnerable we are, an individual we turn too when tears well up in our eyes, an individual we seek when we are beyond happy to share the thrills and excitement in hopes that they’ll catch onto it. An individual we open our hearts and minds too, but above all, an individual we so deeply trust and love it goes beyond the laws of this realm.

Here is a message to you.

Our conversations are often beyond this realm, you have assured me countless of times that it’s perfectly normal to feel vulnerable, to feel naked, to cry, because after all, I am Human. We confide in each other because you and I have placed great trust in one another, you have your troubles yet you always seem to put on a strong façade so that those around you would have ineffable joyful memories of you. But behind that façade you so bravely don, I know that things are not as they seem, that life is taking its toll on you, your eyes betray you, you are exhausted, tired of what life has put you through, yet your ability to always smile when you are around your love ones just proves how selfless and strong you are, because you’d deny the reality and severity of your feelings so that those around you aren’t affected by it, so that you wouldn’t be a source of depression for others. That, is how great of a friend you are and I need you to know that.

Thank you for the utmost trust you have placed in me, for allowing me to confide in you.

You are constantly present in my life ever since this all started in what felt like an eternity already, you were always that one individual I could always turn too and for yourself, to me. You have taught me a great many things, you have given me constant assurance and validity on a daily basis, life would be so different if I didn’t have you to talk to everyday, to have slow walks home with, to give awfully wrapped presents too, to share epiphanies with, to share playlists and music with. It would be completely different and I never want to experience that, to live life without your presence.

You aren’t afraid to knock sense into me, you would go beyond length to wake me up when I seem to have become inhumane.

You would remind me of who I am, of the individual you have come to known, how I should respect myself and those around me and that the very things I’d do with a clouded mind would in turn hurt those that love me and you would undoubtedly drill that thought into me.

To the friend I confide in, thanking you would be an understatement because I owe you so much more for what you have done. You once told me that I mean the world to you, I want you to know that you too, mean the world to me. Let’s continue to confide in each other for as long as we live and prepare for what life has for us, because like we both say when the going gets tough.

“Such is life.”

You are the truest and bestest friend any one soul could ever ask for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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