Hulu Is Posting Creepy-Ass Mini Videos To Celebrate ‘Huluween’ And They Are Actually Really Terrifying

Youtube / Hulu

Hulu got a lot of attention in the last year thanks to their self-made show, The Handmaid’s Tale (great show by the way!).

Now they are dipping their toes into a whole other genre of original programming — freaky horror shows. They are releasing six mini horror clips in a series called “The House”, and let me tell you, the ones I’ve seen so far are actually pretty scary.

Full disclosure: I don’t know about you, but it takes a lot to scare me. I don’t go to bed shivering after watching a true crime show, and lists of scary stories are more likely to give me a giggle than a true spook. But there’s something about these videos (all roughly 7 minutes long) that I find pretty unsettling.

This is the first one I watched:

Only some of the videos have posted so far, with more to be released in the days before Halloween.

This second video I saw stars a projectionist who is in charge of setting up the film in a movie theatre, except he isn’t just setting up the film…

Hulu has also developed some “thematic” videos that feature spooky Halloween themes and music. This one would definitely be great to put on in the background of a Halloween Party, or streaming while trick-or-treaters come to your house:

Check out all of Hulu’s spooky episodes here, for free!

“Huluween” will last through the end of October, and will mark Hulu’s foray into more long-form horror shows (some to debut in 2018!). TC mark


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