This Guy Keeps ‘Accidentally’ Posting About His Sex Life On FB And His Friends Are OVER It

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We all probably know people who overshare on Facebook. There’s only so many times a sane human can be interested in cousin Candice’s baby pictures, or listening to punk emo friend from jazz band post very ~dark~ musings about his love life.

But, believe it or not, we’ve found something even more annoying than annoying people on Facebook. We’ve found annoying people who pretend they are “accidentally” sharing all their annoying-ass shit.

This Facebook user — whose names and likeness has been redacted — keeps “accidentally” posting graphic status updates about his sex life, when he obviously means to be sending them via a private message.

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“Was replying to someone who wanted to give me a blowie!”

He didn’t actually want anyone to see this. Wow, how embarrassing! Except, wait, it’s about to happen again:

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“I was talking to a girl, but it was meant to be private!!”

But even after admitting yet another “oops”, it happens again on the exact same thread!

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Everybody knows who you shagged because it’s “nobody.” Everyone knows you shagged nobody.

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“I hope no one sees it!” He says after posting it on his Facebook wall where literally all his friends will see it.

Some people finally got tired of his shit, with Sam asking, “Did you fuck your pillow again.”

Pro-tip: people who have sex lives don’t brag about them on Facebook. Even “accidentally.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Very famous IRL (at least to my son!)

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