This Girl Accidentally Texted Her Dead Friend, And The Messages She Got Back Are Really Messed Up

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Reddit user BellaJButtons had just lost a friend to cancer, and she was re-reading old texts between the two of them. She typed out the message “I miss you,” and accidentally sent it.

To her surprise, she got some messages back. Some really messed up messages.

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So, apparently the phone number was reassigned to someone else, and he’s super thirsty. Even after she confesses that she was texting her dead friend, he still thinks there might be room to get laid.

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He just won’t quit.

Imgur / lechatnoir47

I guess it’s hard for some people to get sex off their minds.

Many internet commenters said they were actively hoping the convo was fake, but BellaJButtons assured them it was real:

My good friend had recently died from gynecological cancer. She had it once before and beat it and it came back very quickly and aggressively a year or so after she’d been cleared. I was having a hard time dealing with it and was rereading our last texts. I accidently hit send on the “I miss you” message I had in the text bar. This is how whoever got her number responded. =\

One commenter claimed that the bizarre dialogue was actually from the movie “Friday After Next.” I haven’t seen it, but I wouldn’t be surprised — those texts had way too much rhyme to have been texted on the fly.

This probably isn’t a good way to pick up chicks. Or interact with any human being at all, really. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Very famous IRL (at least to my son!)

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