When This Girl Realized Her BF Was Cheating On Her, She Made Sure Both His ‘Relationships’ Were Over

via Imgur and @sapsanyasha
via Imgur and @sapsanyasha

You know what’s the worst? When people just refuse to be honest in their relationships. Dishonesty and lies usually means there is some kind of cheating going on, and to be honest, that’s really gross.

 recently outed her lying (EX) boyfriend to the world. She had been talking to this dude for MONTHS when she found out that he was talking (and having sex with) other girls. None of their girls knew about anyone else.

She found out when one of the other girls saw multiple Facebook photos of  and the guy, leading her to reach out and ask what their relationship status was:

via Imgur
via Imgur

The kicker? Apparently the dude is STILL denying it to the other girls. He claims to not know who  is, and says that they are all his only love.

“This guy I’ve been seeing for months has been sleeping with multiple other girls, this is just the first girl to directly message me. He denies it all and even just denied my existence to her just now. Yep. Fuck you dude.”

After her story when viral,  expanded on her story and explained her rationale for going public with the drama:

He would not allow me to talk to other guys but he was talking to at least her. He has said that she was the only other girl but I don’t believe him. Him and I are both damaged goods from old relationships, but there is a line that you don’t cross, after being asked 10000 times if you are seeing anyone else and denying it. I am still talking to him on and off trying to get answers out of him, because I’m a gluten for punishment, but it seems like all he knows is that he is damaged.

What’s the point of lying? People of the earth, repeat after me: Break up, don’t cheat. Break up, don’t cheat. What’s so hard about that? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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