This Guy Sent Nudes Of His Ex-GF To Her Mom Because She Ignored His Texts

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I think we’ve all had some pretty bad experiences with ex’s. For instance, my high school girlfriend spread rumors about me being a bad kisser all over Facebook. Immature, right?

But this story is like a billion times worse than that.

Mark Gregory kept texting his ex-girlfriend, wanting a response from her. He wanted to stay over at her house, but she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him that night.

The two had remained “friends” after the breakup, but Gregory was notorious for having fits of anger that became abusive while the two were fighting. That’s exactly why the ex, in this case, decided to ignore Gregory’s very angry texts.

He told his ex that if she didn’t answer, he would send explicit photos he had leftover from their relationship to people she knew. Minutes later, he carried out his threat, texting XXX pictures to her horrified mother.

The ex’s prosecuting attorney made this public statement:

On May 11, 2016, the defendant became abusive. He claimed she was going out with other people and he said he was going to send pictures of her to her to other people. The pictures were of a sexual nature, which she had sent to the defendant in the past or they had taken together during the course of their relationship.

All the pictures were private in nature. She stopped replying but the texts continued. He said in one text, “Answer me halfwit, or I will send the pictures.”

Both Gregory’s ex-girlfriend and her mother were deeply upset by the messages.

Around 4am, the mother arrived at her daughter’s residence in a battered emotional state and showed her the messages that she received from Gregory. The pictures have apparently dealt a very heavy blow to the relationship between daughter and mother.

The ex told the DailyMail that, “Things between my mother and I are not the same. We still talk but it’s greatly affected our relationship.”

And the mother agreed, saying that, “I immediately felt sick and every time I think about it, I begin to cry.”

Gregory is now in court, facing charges of revenge porn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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