Company Sort Of Admits It Probably Wasn’t A Great Idea To Fire This Woman For Being ‘Too Good Looking’

24-year-old Emma Hulse has come forward to discuss her termination with UNIT TV, a London-based production company. She claims that her manager made inappropriate comments about her, and then fired her, within her first day on the top.

UNIT TV is not denying the claim.

According to Hulse, she arrived at work around 9:30am. She was immediately given an assignment, but as she was working she received a text from her supervisor that said she was “no longer needed.”

Naturally, Hulse went to see her manager in his office to get an explanation. Her supervisor — who is being described as a “line manager” — greeted her by demanding to know if “she was a model.”

Instagram / Emma Hulse
Instagram / Emma Hulse

“I got there and spoke to the line manager and he asked me, ‘are you a model? Are you not doing catwalks, why are you not at the front of house?’

I was wearing a lipstick but from my perspective I was not inappropriate. I was wearing a shirt and trousers. I really didn’t think I looked inappropriate,” Hulse told the Evening Standard.

Immediately after, the manager asks Hulse for her phone number and suggested that the two of them should get a drink. (!?)

Hulse says this is the first time anything like this has ever happened.

Instagram / Emma Hulse
Instagram / Emma Hulse

“I do camera operating as well, I work for many different companies and no one has sent me home because of the way I look. Especially within a creative agency you should be free to wear what you want.”

Adam Luckwell who is the company’s owner said that the manager was no longer with UNIT TV. Apparently the manager was hired on a probationary basis, and there we a “number of things” senior managers found lacking in him.

“We decided not to continue with the employment and terminated the contract within three months. We felt he was a bad fit for us and some of the things he was doing was not in line with the company’s policy”

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