Cold Relative Gleefully Uses Death In The Family To Make A Political Point On Facebook

Bench Accounting
Bench Accounting

We all know those people on Facebook who try to bring politics into ANYTHING. On both sides, people who try to take our cute pictures of dogs or status updates and make them into some political point.

But this is a new low.

A young man posted on Facebook about the death of his dad. Obviously a very difficult time for him. Instead of getting compassion, however, he witnessed his conservative relative turning his late father into a political talking point. Look yourself:

Reddit / kieran6383
Reddit / kieran6383

“I drove to see your father shortly before he passed […] he decried how liberals / dems had destroyed the economy of Buffalo.”

When the son dared to rebut him, the relative claimed that he had “little intellectual capacity” and urged him to not let his “heart do the thinking of the brain.” He pondered, based on the son’s response, that perhaps his education has “failed him”.

The internet has pretty much universally condemned the relative for his conduct.

“That is next level assholism. Wow,” a user on Reddit said. “Uses an emotional appeal to try to convince him, then says to not use your heart instead of the brain. What. A. Fucking. Idiot,” another said.

What a prick. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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