This Little Girl’s Adorable Reaction To Her New Pet Kitty Will Make You Laugh (But Also Cry)

via Facebook
via Facebook

Growing up, I always wanted a pet — but my parents would never give in and get me one.

Apparently Nikki Frost’s daughter Marley really, really wanted a kitten. And maybe she had to pester her mom for a long time, but eventually she got one. And thanks to Nikki’s quick camera skills, everyone gets to see the exact moment that Marley met her new friend.

It’s really quite adorable.

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but I might have.

The video has gone bonkers viral, and Nikki responded to all the attention on Facebook by saying:

WOW!! I cannot believe that my little girl and her kitten have made over 1 MILLION people smile in the last 48 hours!! This has been amazing and crazy and so heartwarming . . . THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Many of you have asked in the comments for an recent picture of Ella. Here’s a video of Marley after school and learning that she has touched so many people

Really just a cute story! TC mark

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