Pissed Off Guy Wrote This HILARIOUS Complaint Note To Neighbors Who Need To Shut The Fuck Up


I think pretty much all of us have had neighbors we didn’t care for. Be it the smelly-ass next door dorm room, or the house across the street that never mows their law, encountering bad neighbors is pretty much inevitable.

But the WORST bad neighbors are those that keep you up at night. Like, literally everyone needs their beauty sleep.

After this Calgary-based man was kept up all night by his neighbors’ drunken antics, he decided to write them a letter of complaint — and boy did he have some complaints!

Read it yourself:

via Imgur
via Imgur

This letter literally drags EVERYONE.

And if that’s not enough, the original poster, holdthedoor444, says that other neighbors joined in after:

“A bunch of other neighbors wrote their own ‘f*** yous’ on the letter today.”

Hopefully these noisy neighbors got the message. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Very famous IRL (at least to my son!)

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