19 Real People Who Dated Celebrities Before They Became Famous Tell Their Crazy Stories

Flickr / Kevin Tostado
Flickr / Kevin Tostado


I dated Kristen Bell. She was just as cute back then as she is now. She is a great person. Things ended on her terms. I would have married her and only dated her for about a month. We went out a couple times, made out and such but didn’t go too far.

— nalwb


I banged a chick who later got murdered on Law and Order SVU.

— GroundhogLiberator


Damn! Too late for this one but my mom dated Louis C.K. back in high school. Said he was a bit awkward, nice guy. Funny enough, took her to a comedy club on both dates. Tried to win her back later on by baking her a pie, didn’t work though I guess.

— Made_at0323


I fucked a now fairly well-know (in Ohio, at least) newsperson when we were in college on the regular. Wouldn’t really say we dated, but we hooked up a lot over the course of a few months.

Ended fine. She was fun and very career driven and focused. We just sort of stopped hooking up. For a while when I’d see her on billboards it was fun to tell people I hit that.

— iMakeItSeemWeird


Grew up with Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie from Revolution)

Kissed her once at a party so that counts right?..lol

She’s a really cool person albeit a little snobby.

— Womp2


Minor celeb, but her band’s been on MTV. We dated for a month or so, but we just didn’t connect personality wise or see each other much with different schedules.

— trebuchetfight


Dated Gabbie from the “GabbieShow” and SoFlo on Facebook/vine when we worked for a marketing company called smart circle. Shes got a big ass and a big crazy ego to go with it. Good luck to anyone hittin that. She ended up fucking my buddy because he payed “more attention” to her LOL.

— xP_F0X


I went spent some time with the One True God himself. Yes, Nic Cage. We spent an evening together (not a night, I declined) and he asked me out the next day. This was right after his split with Lisa Marie Presley. We kissed and talked. He is actually a really fascinating person.

And, yes, I get endless shit about this from my younger friends. But, whatever, he was hot and I had a crush on him before we met.

— Throwitaway011001100


When I was 13 I kissed 17 year-old Mary Kate LeTourneu (Schmidt). I wish I knew.

— fannygas


Knew ray fisher (cyborg) for a long time. hooked up with him one night. he’s a great dude.

— thr0wit4llawayy


Wasn’t me, but my dad went to high school with Ricki Lake. They messed a round a bit according to him, he also broke her nose in gym class while spiking a volleyball, so I’m sure it didn’t go that far.

— JWillsNH


Aunt was engaged to Steve Madden. She ended it and actually managed to marry up financially. Married a billionaire…it’s ridiculous how much money her husband makes.

— mrsdwright5


Olivia O’Brien, who wrote “I Hate U I Love U” went to my high school. She was a year below me, but we were super close friends. One day, however, we were hanging out alone on a road in Napa and one thing lead to another, and we made out in my car.

The next day, I was hanging out with a different girl who liked me and we, well, did it. So me and girl number two ended up dating. Olivia was heartbroken, and actually wrote her first version of “I Hate U I Love U” (the original is still on her SoundCloud profile, honestly really good looking back on it.) Thing is, Olivia is crazy, and can be a huge bitch if you get on her bad side. She made my life living hell with my girlfriend, and was one of the reasons we broke up in the long run.

Eventually, her and this Gnash dude meet up and do the collaboration for SoundCloud that now has a few million listens or something. She was a little bit of a local celebrity but hadn’t blown up outside of our town yet. Her and I actually made up, but she left our school and now lives in LA recording new music and I haven’t heard from her in a long time.

The thing is, she was such a sweet girl and I feel horrible for playing her the way I did, but she’s still super crazy. Either way, she’s famous now, and I’m studying in college. She’s successful in her way, but I wanna be successful in my own. How I hurt her in the past and where she ended up because of it inspires me to be a better person and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

— Bbrazil97


I dated Michael Cera in high school for about 3 months we both ended it mutually but we remain good friends till this day.

— carlena777


I had a LTR with a dude who is known within Doctor Who circles. I ended it because he obviously wasn’t going to marry me. He’s doing great :/

A friend of mine was in a LTR with a now big time actor. He dumped her over the phone from the set of Pirates of the Carribean just before he got big. He is a piece of shit, imo.

— heyitsharding


My aunt dated Jim Harbaugh during high school. She said he was a loser and dumped him….I bet she regrets that now lol

— MrLimeLyte


I dated a champions league footballer while he was famous … but I didn’t find out until after we split up. It was pretty brief, he liked to keep work and play separate, and I didn’t ask about it too much. We broke up because he was going away for work for a while and neither of us wanted to do long distance … I later found out this was for the champions league, once I saw him on TV.

— empressofmusic


Depends on your definition of celebrity, but I dated Holly Michaels for a bit in high school.

She was really extroverted and a real party girl. I ended things ‘cos I didn’t want to date someone who wanted to be in porn.

— operabass93


A few years ago I fucked a then-rookie NFL player who now starts for a fairly impressive AFC team. To me, the sex was nothing special and I chalked it up to another kind of cool fucking story. He must have felt otherwise because I spent the next few months avoiding his calls and texts.

Yes, I now realize that if I would have accepted his advances I would not be living in the shit hole apartment that I am currently typing this from. But, I realized something more important back then…even 300+ lb. linebackers can have very, very, tiny dicks.

— faded42out [tc-mark


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