This Girl Pranked Her Mom By Texting Her That She Hit Someone, And The Mom’s Response Was Surprising

Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry

Sometimes it’s really funny to mess with our parents, right? But maybe this prank went a little too far…

@IamVinnieF was bragging on Twitter about how his sister pranked his mom. Apparently she texted her mom, frantically, telling her about how she accidentally ran over a guy with her car. How the mom reacted, is well, certainly interesting…

But just look at the text convo yourself:

via Twitter
via Twitter

The mom immediately wanted to help her daughter cover-up the crime, desperate to make sure she didn’t go to jail at any cost. She planned on switching cars and everything!

This prank seems to have inspired other people on Twitter to try to do the same thing to their mothers.

Some of which didn’t turn out nearly as funny as the original attempt:

Maybe don’t try this one at home? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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