This Email To A Professor Is Either The Most Hilarious Excuse Or Most Creative Lie For Missing Class EVER

William Iven
William Iven

Through my college career I had several classes where attendance was 100% mandatory. If you were going to miss class, there would be some kind of penalty and it ALWAYS sucked.

So sometimes I would come up with some excuses for why I couldn’t go (even if they weren’t 100% true). Maybe that is what the student who penned this email did — and if so — she did a VERY creative job of it.

Or maybe something truly weird was happening outside her door.

You decide:

via Imgur

That one “sniper team” guy looks like he is wearing Sperry Top-Siders — not very official SWAT Team dress! But this would be a LOT of work to fake, so who knows! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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