19 Ordinary People Tell Their Stories Of Meeting Donald Trump That Might Actually Surprise You

What is Donald Trump like in real life? Is he a total asshole, as some people he has depicted? Or does he have a nicer side? Here are some stories from people who claim to have met The Donald in real life. We have no way to verify the accuracy of these stories — take them with a grain of salt.

1. Literally ran into him

I bumped into him on the street in 2014. I was looking at my watch and ran into him by accident as he was getting out of his car in front of his building. I apologized, he said it was quite all right, and we went our separate ways. It was very civil, all things considered.

— wind_stars_fireflies

2. He carries a lot of change

Donald Trump came into the movie theater I used to work at, and I served him at the concession stand. He asked about the flavors of our Slushies, they were White Cherry and Cotton Candy. He got the Cotton Candy. Donald Trump enjoys cotton candy…and I literally know that for a fact forever now. He also paid in exact change.

— purpleprostitutes

3. Just a high-five

He built a golf course in a rich neighboring town a few years ago, and around the time it opened my grandparents and I were on a walk there (it was built on a sea cliff, popular hiking spot before it was built, still is though) and Trump was riding by on a golf cart. He high-fived my grandma. No words were exchanged.

— Chlorine-Queen

4. Trump sure does like fast food

Back in darker days I worked for a Chick-Fil-A in California. I was working the drive through and took an order from an obvious chauffeur driving a one of those black livery sedans.

When he pulled up to the window, he handed me exact change, then pulled forward a bit when I went to hand the food through. Mr. Trump lowered the back window, took the food, and said, “Thanks very much.” before they rolled away. I was pretty surprised.

— ms_hyde_is_back

5. He thanked us for the food

Trump owns a golf resort in Scotland not far from my home, and he was speaking at a chambers of commerce meeting a couple of years ago, catered by students of the local cookery college, of which I was one – we did little canapes and nibbles, nothing major, but he popped in and thanked us for our efforts and said he enjoyed the food, which was nice of him.

— methylated_spirit

6. He let her touch his hair

I saw him speak at an ICSC NYC convention, the only thing I remember is there was a q&a part, some 20something girl asks if his hair was real, and he says it was and then asks the girl to come on stage and feel it. So Trump had a younger women rubbing his head in front of ~200 real estate professionals.

— thomase7

7. Helped Trump lose a bet

My mom was on a design team when he was building one of his many golf courses like 15 years ago, so she saw him every day. He and melania hadn’t married yet but they were also in the midst of designing a new estate he had just bought. Tiffany was little and always came into the office with them but she was basically glued to melania’s hip. They were really close. I was also small but sometimes if I came into the office to visit my mom Tiffany and I would play but I don’t remember what she was like.

Apparently trump was a really decent guy. He once turned to my mom and said “you’re a designer..” and asked about if their kitchen was in a Tudor mansion, what kind of cabinets should they have. My mom was like “oh obviously cherry” and melania turned to trump and said “HA!” And he was like “alright okay you win”

My mom says back then he was pleasant and professional.

I also think it’s interesting to add that my mom also swears that he was planning his run for president all the way back then and she overheard them all the time casually mentioning it.

— persephone83

8. Took pictures with our party

He showed up at my cousin’s sweet 16 party roughly 7 or 8 years ago. It was at a ballroom at a golf club he owned. He walked in, and took pictures with us for maybe 10 minutes. I doubt he actually needed to do any of that. Seemed like a pleasant enough guy.

— CheeeeEEEEse

9. Weird, but not evil?

I never talked to him, but I was at a party he attended about 18 months ago. He wasn’t rude at all, just odd. He told a story about how Bill Gates once told a room of people that he (Donald) was really smart and had good ideas. It felt weirdly self-conscious on his part.

I also met his helicopter pilots, who said that he was a nice guy, always making sure they were taken care of, had eaten, etc. The pilots said the megadouche was his son, Eric.

— adoxographyadlibitum

10. More reserved than bombastic

Did work for one of his golf courses in California. He signed a bunch of shirts that said “You’re Fired! – The Donald” on it.

He actually seemed pretty reserved and easy going. Definitely not the persona he portrayed while running for president.

— avettwhore

11. Told me to get rich

When I was a kid I was friends with a very, I repeat very wealthy kid. We went to the same boxing gym. He was the son of someone very important in California, probably an oil mogul or something.

One day we where invited to a barbecue to celebrate his birthday, and arriving there his dad take us on a tour of the giant house, and introduces us to all the other guests who where his friends.

One of those guests was Mr. Donald Trump.

I shook his hand and he said “Ow, that’s a pretty solid handshake.” I said thanks and he asked me if I happened to be Samoan, because I was pretty strong for a 14 year old. I said my family was from New Zealand, and thus was of Maori descent. He said “That’s nice, I always wanted to go to New Zealand.”

Then he told us to study hard and work hard so we all could live in big houses like our hosts when we grew up.

Then he went back to talking to the other people.

— TotallyNotAGypsy

12. Candidate Trump didn’t seem like Boss Trump

I worked at one of his golf courses for 3 years as a valet and i also upkept the practice facilities (including driving around the ball picker upper).

Every time i dealt with Big Donald he was more than respectful. Also we had an Mexican guy who cleaned carts, Felipé who he personally provided housing for out of his own pocket because he thought Felipé was such a good worker and valuable asset to the course (which he was, the guy was such a nice guy and a crazy good worker). All in all, I had a polar opposite view of who Donald Trump was prior to this election cycle.

— dibetta

13. He said “hello”

I’ve played golf at one of his courses in Florida a few times he’s usually there having lunch with his typical group. When they finish he makes a point to walk around to all of the tables shake hands and say hello. Always very nice. Since he didn’t make a fortune in tech I imagine he has gotten to where he is by being pretty charismatic.

— nicholai_he1

14. I worked for him during the election

Worked at one of his golf courses recently for a few months. He would come pretty often especially once the election began, as it was a good way to keep some privacy. Meet him a few times during my time there but the one I remember most was when I had to bring food to his cottage. Went through secret service checking me and I knock on his door. Didn’t answer so I knock again. Didn’t answer so I tried one more time.

He opens the door and the conversation goes like this. “I have your pasta primavera sir” “Not for me, what is it again?” “Pasta primavera”, while looking at it “Yeah not for me, sorry” and closed the door. Turned out it was for his speech writer for the convention who was in a room next door. Another time I watched him watch himself giving on interview on NBC in the men’s lounge and his reactions were interesting. Have a few more stories about the man but overall from what I saw he was a great guy.

ALSO: There was the time we all pretty much knew pence would be the vp as the families spent the weekend together. Another time that comes to mind with him was when I helped serve Ivanka’s table with trump was by and he asked me about the kosher wings but I didn’t say anything as it was my first time dealing with it but my manager was there so he had my back and answered the questions he had.

— tblasz

15. Best memory of a celeb

When I was 13, I was invited to a friend’s Bar Mitzvah, and the party was at the clubhouse of one of Trump’s golf courses.

He was actually there a bit during the cocktail party, checking on the parents of the Bar Mitzvah boy to make sure everything was up to snuff for them. Shook a lot of people’s hands, said hello to everyone, honestly my best memory of a celebrity.

— SunnyZ606

16. He just sat next to me

I was in NYC visiting family when I took a walk through central park and I sat down at a bench with a couple sodas. I’m relaxing with some music admiring all the good times people are having and I feel someone sit down next to me breathing a little hard, like they just took a really long walk or something. I turn and it’s actually the Don. He asks if he could have a Coke because he was kinda thirsty so I gave him one of mine.

We talk for like, 2-3 minutes when a guy comes up behind him and whispers something in his ear and he says he has to go and hands me a 20 and told me something like “If you need something, don’t be afraid to jump at an opportunity”. The whole time I’m just kinda sitting there starstruck like what just happened.

Everybody was turning their heads when he walked to his car with the other guy and a few were looking at me like I was a somebody and I’m just sitting there confused about everything.

He seemed like a reserved guy, pretty chill and he had a love for that park because he talked about how he took his kids there a lot when they were younger.

— Sickmonkey3

17. He likes compliments to his hotel

A couple of years ago I went to a conference in Las Vegas. My company put me up at Trump Hotel. Because my company is cheap and the hotel is technically off the strip I was sure the hotel would be second rate. I was impressed with the rooms and lobby, the quality of drinks and the free entertainment in the lounge.

As I was passing near the elevators I saw a few tall men standing around in suits warily eyeing passersby. I stopped to survey the situation and suddenly realized Donald Trump was right next to me. I said to him with sincerity: “Beautiful hotel you have here, Mr. Trump.”

He responded by taking a step closer and extending his hand. I shook it and he looked me in the face and said: “Thank you. That’s why we built it. We want people to come to Las Vegas, have a nice time, and stay in a nice hotel.” He gave me a smile and turned to take pictures and chat with the growing crowd.

He seemed very genuine and pleasant. 10/10

— EvilCam

18. Paid off my house?

He paid off a guys mortgage my dad works with (mechanic bus line in city) because he offered to work on a broken limo in the dale, he didn’t know it was trump’s.

The driver asked guy to slip in his license through window crack, the guy scanned it and a few days later thinking nothing of it just being a nice guy, banker comes in garage and says Mr. Trump just paid off your house… thanks for helping him in the limo.

— nsfwbryan

19. He never wanted to be the center of attention

I went to school with his daughter Tiffany so I had a few interactions with the Donald and all were positive. The one anecdote that I’ll share is from the school plays. Tiffany was involved in the school theatre program and so was my brother so I was usually helping out as an usher for the plays. Donald attended all the plays that were put on despite living across the country from our school in LA.

The thing that was most impressive was how here arrived to the plays, he was always late, just 1 minute late. He’d arrive and take his seat in the rear just after the house lights went down so he didn’t draw any attention away from the kids. He’d slip out as quietly as he’d arrived, when he was at the school his focus was 100% on his daughter and not himself. Despite living in a pretty solid liberal area most people from that school admit that’s it kind of hard to square our experiences with him up with the media’s portrayal of him as a brash, egotistical idiot.

— Ice_Ice_Kimi Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Very famous IRL (at least to my son!)

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