This Father Injected His 11-Month-Old Baby With HIV+ Blood In Hopes He Would Die

Jackson Family Photo
Jackson Family Photo

Brryan Jackson was only 11-months-old when his father Bryan Stewart injected him with blood infected with the HIV virus.

Stewart had initially been very excited to be a father, however his perspective dramatically shifted when he returned home from Operation Desert Storm. He began denying that Jackson was his child, reluctant to doll out any child support payments. His relationship with Jackson’s mother began to deteriorate, and he became emotionally and physically abusive toward her. When she finally left Stewart, he gave her some solemn threats:

“Your child’s not going to live beyond the age of five.”


“When I leave you I’m not going to leave any ties behind.”

Were some of the dark statements that he brazenly made. In the interim, Stewart had gotten a job as a blood tester in a laboratory and began bringing stolen blood samples home to store.

His colleagues remember Stewart making bizarre and horrifying jokes, like:

“If I wanted to infect someone with one of these viruses they’d never even know what hit them.”

By the time Jackson was born and was 11-months-old, his mother and Stewart had more-or-less cut off contract. Stewart still begrudgingly paid out child support, but they did not frequently talk at all.

That was, until Jackson’s mother called Stewart to tell him that his son was in the hospital. Jackson was expected to make a full recovery, but she just assumed he would want to know.

The day of Jackson’s discharge, Stewart showed up to “say hello.” He invited the mother to go down to the cafeteria to get refreshment so he could spend some time with his son. The moment she was gone, he took out a vial of HIV+ positive blood and injected it into his son. Jackson began screaming, as his vital signs were out of control. Not only was the blood HIV+, it also did not match his blood type, sending his body into haywire.

Doctors stabilized him, but they had no idea of the virus that was still in Jackson. They sent him home.

Over the next few weeks, the life began to drain out of 11-month-old Jackson’s body. For the next four years, his mother brought him before countless doctors to ask them why her son was slowly dying in her arms.

Though Jackson was just a young child, he remembers exclaiming to his mother one night:

“Please Mum don’t let me die!”

Finally, Jackson’s pediatrician connected the dots and realized he had contracted HIV, which had evolved to full-blown AIDS. The doctor gave Jackson five months to live, and asked his mother to make him comfortable.

Jackson Family Photo
Jackson Family Photo

But, against all odds, Jackson’s health slowly began to improve. Over time, Jackson and his family began to realize who was responsible — his father.

“At first I was very angry and bitter. I grew up watching movies where fathers cheer on their sons from the sidelines. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how my own father could do that to me,” he says.

“He didn’t just try to kill me, he changed my life forever. He was responsible for the bullying, he was responsible for all the years in hospital. He’s the reason I have to be so conscious about my health and what I do.” (Source)

Years later, Stewart is in jail. Jackson has recently read a victim testimony statement at a hearing that will keep him there for at least another five years. He is still incredibly healthy, and is working as a motivational speaker for the organization, Hope is Vital. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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