This Man Punched His 4-Month-Old Daughter To Death Because He Couldn’t Hear The TV Over Her ‘Baby Talk’

Some people just shouldn’t be having sex, like ever.

21-year-old Cory Morris has been charged with second degree murder after punching his 4-month-old baby to death because she wouldn’t stop making “baby noises.”

The noises were distracting Morris from watching his television show. Originally he tried to rectify the situation by moving the infant from her toddler swing onto a table in another room. However, even there she persisted with the baby noises. His girlfriend was at work, so to quiet her down, according to him, he “started to punch her.”

Morris punched the infant 15 times in the face, and 7 times in the chest. He then squeezed her chest with both hands. Sometime later, the infant was pronounced dead.

A little bit after the punching fit ended, he phoned his mother and girlfriend, telling them both that he “did something bad.”

When police and fire arrived on the scene, they found the infant laying in a pool of blood, saying that blood was also splattered all over the walls, carpet, and Morris’ body.

Morris is being held on a $2 million bail. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The Metro

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