Here’s What Your Opinion Of Donald Trump Says About Your Dating Life

Flickr / Jamelle Bouie and
Flickr / Jamelle Bouie and

If you LOVE Donald Trump

If you are head-over-heels for “The Donald” this is a quick indicator that you like bad boys and people who say outrageous things. You like people who have the confidence and the arrogance to do whatever the fuck they want without worrying about other people’s opinions. You see “people pleasers” as weak, and bad partners in general. You also love being dominated sexually, and you would love to have a man break down your wall.

If you like Donald Trump

If you think Donald is just “okay,” you probably struggle to form coherent opinions in your dating life. You bounce back and forth between different people, always just “going with the flow” and seeing how things pan out without ever communicating or defining the relationship. You haven’t been in a committed relationship for a while, because you just can’t force yourself to sit down long enough to actually form a hardline opinion or take a chance.

If you don’t give a fuck about Donald Trump

If you openly don’t know anything, or don’t care about Donald Trump, you are literally only into dating for the sex. You aren’t here to listen to someone’s feelings, or process how mass-deportation could effect the national economy. You don’t have time for that shit. You are here to get down and dirty, and screw any thinking that has to happen along the way.

If you dislike Donald Trump, but see him as better than the alternatives.

You date quite a bit, but eventually you have (or will) settle down with someone who has lots of flaws. You don’t kid yourself, you have accepted that you will never find a “fairytale” romance, but you are happy with what you have. You don’t need things in life to be perfect to find contentment, and you’ve lasted a long time in romances that have some big problems.

If you HATE Donald Trump

You have very firm expectations for potential partners, and you want them to meet all or most of them. You go along with what mainstream society tells you is key for successful romances, and you want that fairytale love that you see in Disney movies and in Rom-Coms. Because of your high expectations, you have been single for a while, but that doesn’t bother you. You enjoy vanilla sex, and you are pretty sure at least a few of your partners have enjoyed sleeping with you too.

If you hate Donald Trump, but are still voting for him because you want to see the world burn

You are that crazy ex that everyone knows because text logs of your rants were posted by your former partner on Imgur or Tumblr. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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