9 Texts That Reveal Two Girls Plotting To Frame An Innocent Man For Rape To Cover-Up Cheating

A collection of 9 text screenshots have been trending on Imgur, entitled: “That Time Screenshots Kept Me From Going To Prison.”

According to the poster, two girls attempted to frame him for rape after they all messed around in a hot tub. The parents of one girl were about to go the police, until they saw these screenshots.


The original poster, elaborates on his story in the caption section:

So, to give a basic breakdown of what happened:

It was summer of 2011, and I decided to have a birthday party for my 16th birthday. My first “friend” Kaitlynn’s birthday is day after mine, so we decided to just do a dual party with us and a couple of friends. Well, all the friends bailed except one: Cassie. I had talked to her every now and then, but didn’t really know her that well. But that’s really beside the point. Anyway, so we hang out at the community pool for a while, but eventually get bored and a bunch of little kids showed up, so we headed back to my house to hang out for a while before Kaitlynn’s parents came to pick her and Cassie up.

After a bit of tv, Cassie realized we had a hot tub, and suggested we go hang out there for a bit instead. So eventually, things got a bit heated, and ended up turning into a 3-way makeout session with a bit of fingering. Not much, but hey, I was 16 and had only been with one girl at that point.

Anyway, it turns out that Cassie had a boyfriend, and was worried he would leave her for cheating. So, to calm her down, Kaitlynn decided to tell her that because she didn’t ask us to do any of it, then it doesn’t count as consensual (even though she made the first move). This lead to her telling her boyfriend, and then family, that she was raped by me.

So Kaitlynn decided that seemed like a good idea too, and this conversation ensued. I clued my parents in on the shitstorm, and we managed to finally convince Kaitlynn’s parents about what utter bullshit her stories were. Cassie’s parents decided to make sure she wouldn’t spread the story around school, since we were threatening them with a law suit if she did.

Commenters have supported the poster with his story, and condemned the girls, particularly because their accusations make honest-to-god sexual assaults harder to prosecute. Just because these girls fabricated their story does not mean that the majority, or even a large fraction of sexual assault allegations are untrue (indeed, evidence suggests the exact opposite).

False accusations of sexual assault is comparable to other crimes, and it is a tragic shame that such false accusations make it harder for the real survivors. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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