8 Dramatic Videos Of Child Predators Getting BUSTED Trying To Meet Up With Kids

Youtube / Dark Justice
Youtube / Dark Justice

In the United Kingdom there is a covert organization known as “Dark Justice.” Their goal is to infiltrate places where child predators are known to prowl, and take them down. They pose as young teens and pre-teens online, and wait for people to reach out. When these pedophiles do, “Dark Justice” (in the guise of a kid) accepts their invitation to meet. Accept instead of meeting a child, the abusive adults end up meeting with the agents of Dark Justice — and the police.

The organization records their interactions with these pedophiles when they realize they are busted. Here are some of them:

1. “We had sexual convos, but not sex”

David admits to having sexual conversations with someone he thought was 14-years-old, but says that he had absolutely no intention of actually having sex with them when they met up.

2. “Someone Hacked My Account!!”

You get the impression that Ian is an exceptional liar under most circumstances, as he immediately invents this almost-believable story about meeting his cousin when confronted with his crime. However, as the conversation goes on and Dark Justice stuns him with the evidence, Ian starts blurting out expletives and runs the f*ck away. He gets hit with two full years in jail.

3. This guy is getting arrested

Not much conversation in this video, as Andrew pretty much refuses to talk. I guess he ended up talking to the cop though, as he’s arrested at the end of the video.

4. “I Made a Mistake”

Barry seems to realize his goose is cooked within a few seconds of this video. He readily admits to “making a mistake,” but the full extent of his error isn’t obvious until Dark Justice goes through his whole laundry list of mistakes. Scott had specifically asked “the girl” whether she was a police officer, and if she was on the pill. Scott gets nailed with 12 months in jail.

5. “I wish I didn’t do anything though…”

Steven thought he was going to meet a 13-year-old girl, but he actually met the members of Dark Justice. Initially denying that he knew the girl was underage, he eventually confessed and broke down. The police eventually took him away, and he got 16 months in prison.

6. You can run, but the police are on their way

John has an extremely long denial phase, where he runs from the cameras and bleats innocence. Eventually he confesses that what he has done is wrong, and lets himself be taken away. He got sentenced to a year in prison.

7. “I’ve only ever *talked* to young girls…”

22-year-old Ryan was the youngest person ever caught by Dark Justice. Even though he had a girlfriend, he was prowling for young girls online and was trapped by the organization. He ended up serving 8 months in jail.

8. He doesn’t understand why it’s wrong

Hazaa really struggles to understand why what he did was wrong. Hopefully the police will tell him as they take him away in handcuffs. He eventually got 2 years in jail.

In the comments of their videos, people are having hotly contested debates about Dark Justice and the role they play in the UK criminal justice system. Some people are praising them, saying that it is important to get predators off the street. Others say it is entrapment, and won’t do anything to solve the problem in the long run. I guess only time will tell.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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