This Inspirational Tumblr Post Explains What EVERY Man Should Do When His Girlfriend Is Homophobic

I think almost everyone by this point in their lives have been in a situation where they are (1) dating a homophobe and (2) living with a lesbian.

I’ve been there, I’m sure you’ve been there, its a pretty relatable problem.

Our friend — our hero, really — Dale was also in this situation, and his solution is absolutely everything.

Here’s his story:


Not only did Dale address the problem with his girlfriend, he actually sent an army of lesbians after her to make SURE it never happened again. Perhaps the lesbians will manage to recruit his girlfriend, ensuring that Dale can actually get it on with some new chick that will actually be okay with kinky sex.

Best wishes to Dale! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Very famous IRL (at least to my son!)

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